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He said, “These factors have combined to create a brisk tailwind for fashion retailers.” In the Q&A session, Hillary Super, president, apparel and accessories, Anthropologie Group, noted that changes in the silhouette often indicate bigger, “macro” changes in fashion trends that last longer versus “micro” ones having to do with fabrication and color. The evolution in shape, she said, is likelier to prompt customers to overhaul their entire wardrobe. She explained, “When a macro proportionately establishes itself, it’s really in my experience here for, let’s say, a decade or maybe even more. And the other thing, the micro can change every month; it can change once a quarter; it can change annually and much more rapid change. So, if you are talking about the macro, which is what I am so excited about, I think it’s here to stay for quite a while. As a matter of fact, I think it’s still in the process of being adopted by many people, and we are not even fully adopted in it yet, so that reflects the general public. And I think our groups are a little bit more fashion-forward than the average.” Super added, “So, I would say that the macro fashion switch is here for quite a while, certainly through next spring, if not through four, five or even 10 other springs. Now, why it’s so important? Let me explain; it’s that when the macro fashion changes, the proportion changes, the customers are bound to go out and basically redo their whole wardrobe. It’s not as if she is adding a special piece or changing color or anything like that; she is changing a whole look. So, she is changing her closet and then she is changing accessories to go with it.

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